Herslof Optical Company

Personalized Industrial Programs for your Company

Herslof will work with you to develop a customized OSHA approved safety eyewear program for your organization. Our Industrial Representative will arrange for an efficient program to promote eye safety for you and your employees. Our many retail stores are conveniently located and offer comprehensive eye exams with highly trained professionals to serve you. We also offer mail order or on-site services.

We provide appropriate protective eyewear for welding, laser, computer, medical, laboratory and many other environments. Our large selection of protective frames meet or exceed the American National Standards Institute Z87 standard and we carry top quality brand names, including Titmus, On-Guard and Liberty.

Best of all, customized safety programs are provided at no additional cost to your company or its employees. Don't hesitate, start promoting eye safety today.

To learn more, simply send us an e-mail.






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