Herslof Optical Company


Your last choice is whether you would like optional treatments added to the lenses. Take a look at the available treatments from the choices below.

A cosmetic coloring of the lens, any number of appealing colors can be achieved.

Scratch Resistant Coating
A coating that is applied to the surfaces of the lens to increase the durability of the lens to resist scratching.

UV Coating
A sunscreen for the eyes, as sunscreen is for one's skin. The sun's ultra-violet rays can damage the eye over time increasing the risk of age related diseases. UV coating can be added to plastic lenses. High Index and Polycarbonate lens material filters UV, therefore is not needed.

Anti-reflective (AR) Coating
Nearly eliminates all reflections of the surface of the lens, increasing visual acuity and appearance. Anti-reflective coating is applied to camera and binocular lenses to eliminate unwanted reflections.

Mirror Coating
A cosmetic coating that is applied to the front surface of the lens, which is available to many different colors, from silver to rainbow, solid or gradient.






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