Herslof Optical Company

Once you have selected a frame with the help of our experienced Opticians, there are a few more decisions you need to make about your new glasses. Here are some choices:

In relation to newer materials, glass is the heaviest and most scratch resistance of all the lens materials. Glass is the least impact resistant of all the lens materials.

Plastic (CR-39)
Plastic is much lighter than glass, but is also less scratch resistant. Plastic can be easily tinted to meet most patient's needs.

Polycarbonate ("Poly") is made from a tough High Index material, used in making Compact Discs, is one of the most shatter resistant lens materials available today. Recommended for use in safety glasses, it is the perfect material for the active life style of today's children and, or adult.

This is the newest material to be used in prescription eyewear. Being tough, light-weight, and shatter resistant, makes this material perfect for today's active patients.

High Index
Lighter and thinner than standard plastic, this material is a perfect choice for strong prescriptions, especially high minus prescriptions. High Index material allows for thinner center thickness and thinner edges.

Allows the lens to darken outdoors and lighten indoors.

Reduces the amount of glare caused by reflected light from horizontal surfaces, like water, snow and car hoods. Therefore, polarized lenses are the perfect lens for outdoor activities and daytime driving.






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