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There are many different lens designs available today. Contact one of our locations for more information on which design may be right for you!

Single Vision
This type of lens is an all purpose lens, mainly used for either distance or near vision and is available in all materials.

Bifocal Lenses
Lined bifocals are used for viewing both near and distance within the same lens; a visible line separates the viewing areas.

Progressive (No-Line Bifocals or PAL's)
Progressive lenses have an invisible bifocal with a transition zone, which allows the patient to see; distance to near and everything in between, without the distracting visible line, giving them the appearance of single vision lenses. Progressive lenses are available in most materials.

Trifocal Lenses
Lenses which allow the patient to see three different distances in one lens, typically distance, intermediate and near, all separated by a line.

Computer Lenses
Computer lenses are similar to a progressive lens, having no line; however, this lens has no distance portion. Computer lenses or Occupational lenses are designed for near and mid-range viewing. By adding a tint and/or anti-reflective coating, can reduce computer syndrome eye fatigue.

Aspheric Lenses
Reduce the amount of magnification of the eye, produced by higher plus prescription lenses. The curve of an Aspheric lenses flattens towards the edges producing thinner edges and better acuity as the eye moves from the center of the lens toward the edges of the lens.






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